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"Back to the sources" cycle

The Archives Nationales holds a quarterly cycle of talks called "Back to the sources".
One Tuesday afternoon per quarter, three authors of recent works gather in the presence of a moderator to present their work to the public, on the site where the main documents they used are conserved. They go over their methods and results, talk about discovering little-known archives or their innovative treatment of sources, and address the questions they have solved and the avenues of future enquiry they have opened up.
The public is invited to take part in the debates following these presentations.
These events are held from 2pm to 5:30pm at CARAN, 11 rue des Quatre-Fils, 75003 Paris, in the Salle d'albâtre (on the ground floor).

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Les sceaux (postponed to a later date)
- Imago urbis. Les sceaux de ville au Moyen Âge par Ambre Vilain
- Les sceaux des comtes de Champagne et de leur entourage (fin XIe-début XIVe siècle) par Arnaud Baudin
- La base SIGILLA par Laurent Hablot
sous la présidence de Clément Blanc, responsable du Centre de sigillographie et d'héraldique des Archives nationales.

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