Archives nationales

Naturalisation files

The Archives Nationales holds naturalisation files:

  • at Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, files created between Year XI (1802/1803) and 1930 (irrespective of the date of ruling) and at the Fontainebleau site for files created since 1931.

Files may only be consulted on the site where they are held.

Anyone wishing to consult a naturalisation file must find the corresponding date of ruling. The Archives Nationales does not conduct this search. Three information sheets are available for the public:

If you are looking for a file for a legal or administrative reason, you can contact the Archives Nationales "Public Bureau" (Bureau citoyen) at Pierrefitte-sur-Seine:

  • It is open to the public on Mondays from 2pm to 4:30pm (for opening times during school holidays, please contact us by phone during hotline hours on +33 (0)1 75 47 20 02;
  • it does not carry out any historical or genealogical searches,
  • and is not authorised to issue French nationality certificates or copies of civil status documents.

Once you have found the date of ruling

  • for files held at Pierrefitte (up until 1930), you then need to look for the file number using the available calendars. You will therefore need to come to the Pierrefitte site. You will then be able to request access to an extract from a reference number;
  • for files held at Fontainebleau (after 1930), the Archives Nationales will provide you with the file number: you can then ask for help with your search (from your personal workspace on the online catalogue, in the "submit a request" tab), specifying for each file: the name, first name, the date and place of birth, and the date and number of the ruling. Once you have the file number and its reference number you can fill out a request to consult a reference number extract.

Further information

Request for a copy
You can request a copy from your personal workspace to obtain a copy of a file once you have identified its number and reference number. You must specify the file number and the name of the person.
The cost is €18 per file for naturalisation by decree, and €7 per file for naturalisation by declaration, including delivery costs, provided that the material condition of the file is good enough for a copy to be made.

Further information