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The Fontainebleau site holds architects' private records, career records for civil servants, naturalisation records since the second half of the 20th century, audiovisual archives, electronic archives, and certain specific record groups (cases heard by the Council of State, certain files from the Court of Auditors, appeals to the Cour Nationale du Droit d'Asile, records from the Commission Nationale de Financement des Comptes de Campagne et des Financements Politiques, civil registry records from the Court of Cassation, appeals for pardon, records relating to public prosecutions brought by the Ministry of Justice, records relating to the Légion d'honneur, records from the Centre National de la Cinématographie, French meteorological office records, records for the type-approval of vehicles, statistical surveys, etc).

Address:  2 rue des Archives, 77300 Fontainebleau
Telephone: +33 (0)1 72 79 91 00

The Minister for Culture and Communication Audrey Azoulay, speaking to the ministerial technical committee, announced a new impetus for the Archives Nationales that will combine memory, heritage, and creation, with the restructuring of the Archives Nationales on the sites at Paris and at Pierrefitte-sur-Seine.

Two buildings at the Fontainebleau site were placed under protection in March 2014 as they were at risk of collapsing, and the minister has now announced her decision to close this site and restructure the Archives Nationales project on two sites – the Quadrilatère Rohan-Soubise heritage site in Paris, and the contemporary Pierrefitte-sur-Seine site in Greater Paris, which was inaugurated by the President of the French Republic in 2013.

The Minister paid tribute to the considerable work carried out by Archives Nationales staff at the Fontainebleau site, and the developments made there in contemporary archive management, computerisation, and electronic archiving from the early 1980s.

This restructuring will be the occasion to rethink the missions carried out by the Archives Nationales. The minister has tasked the director of the Archives Nationales with looking at how to reorganise and redistribute the services currently carried out at Fontainebleau for their transfer to the Paris and Pierrefitte sites. This new organisation will come into effect in four years time.

Durant cette période de transition, certains fonds restent accessibles sur le site de Fontainebleau. Les lecteurs sont invités à contacter préalablement le standard au +33 (0)1 72 79 91 00, pour avoir davantage de précisions.
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For any requests for help with research relating to a file held at the Fontainebleau site you can fill out the electronic form in the Archives Nationales online catalogue at the following address:

Fontainebleau site
Building at the Fontainebleau site: Claude Aureau architect © Archives Nationales (France)