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Historia's focus of the month

LHistoria's focus of the month feature is designed to breathe new life into the documents presented in the monthly publication, which the Archives Nationales has partnered since 2004. These gems – a series of unusual documents selected because they are visually appealing (a poster praising the qualities of American acrobatic divers in 1900), moving (the last wishes of Madame Récamier) or political (an account of the Moscow fire in 1812 by Stendhal) – offer a glimpse of the wealth of resources represented by the Archives Nationales collections, alongside the more familiar collections.
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The Archives Nationales on the road

The Archives Nationales take part in some forty exhibitions each year, lending between 160 and 200 documents to French and foreign heritage institutions. While the partnerships with the Louvre Museum, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the Musée Carnavalet and the Château de Versailles are long-standing and well established, other institutions have also begun to understand the benefits that the Archives Nationales collections can offer their projects.
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Documents under the spotlight

Treasures of written heritage

In Treasures of French Written Heritage, reference is made to documents which have been the subject of lectures, featuring presentations of the originals, ever since the Archives Nationales joined the existing partnership between the Institut national du patrimoine and the Bibliothèque nationale de France in 2009. From Ermentrude's will on papyrus to General de Gaulle's manuscripts conserved in the Foccart archives, these documents are of profound historical and aesthetic interest.

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