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Archives of Paris notaries

Notaries transfer original deeds after 75 years (or 100 years for minors) to a public archive service, in accordance with the provisions of the Heritage Code. The Archives Nationales takes in the archives of Paris notaries.
Department of the Central Deeds Office of Paris Notaries. Secretary's office: +33 (0)1 40 27 63 89
Notaries in other départements should approach the archives of the département where they work.
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How it works

En raison de travaux importants sur le site parisien, le versement des minutes et répertoires est soumis à condition jusqu'au 31 décembre 2021.
Prendre contact avec le pôle Collecte du Minutier central des notaires de Paris afin que les cas spécifiques soient étudiés, en particulier en fonction du volume annoncé, des contenants (petites boîtes de rangement privilégiées) et de l'ancienneté des documents (priorité aux minutiers qui remontent au XIXe siècle).

Secretary's office: +33 (0)1 40 27 63 89
Collection point for notary archives
+33 (0)1 40 27 65 59 francois.chancerel@culture.gouv.fr

Financial conditions
The transfer of original deeds and repertories from your practice or place where your archives are currently housed is at your expense. But their conservation by the Archives Nationales and the occasional consultation of original deeds you need for your ongoing work is conducted free of charge. You can consult them as photocopies or scans which are sent to you by email.
For all requests for a copy, send an email to the following address: dmc.an@culture.gouv.fr (specifying the name of the notary, the precise date of the deed, and the name of the parties).

What becomes of these deeds and repertories once they are transferred to the Archives Nationales?
They are accessible to the public, students, teachers, and amateurs, and are used for historical research (Heritage Code L. 211-2). We pack them in sturdy boxes to conserve them over time, allocate them a reference number, draw up calendars or finding aids to find any deeds that may be sought, and digitise all repertories and certain deeds. The results are available online on our website via the online catalogue and General Classification Guide, and anyone can register as a reader.

NB: Access to deeds and repertories of over 75 years of age (or 100 years if the deed relates to a minor) is a legal right. A practice is obliged to communicate them on receiving a specific request, even if the documents have not yet been transferred to the Archives Nationales (Heritage Code articles L. 213-1 and L. 213-2).