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Accessing documents

  • Règlement des salles de lecture spécifique à la période covid-19.

En savoir plus

The reading rooms are open from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 4:45pm.

Open access
The calendars and standard reference works are on open shelves. Nearly all of the microfilms are available on open shelves.

Same-day orders

  • Orders may only be placed from a reading room. Please note you need to be registered and have a seat.
  • Same-day orders are available from Mondays to Fridays.Last delivery of original documents is at 4:20pm and those that you have ordered but not consulted will be returned to the stacks that evening unless you renew them.
  • You will be assigned a seat number at the access counter. In order to ensure optimal occupation and surveillance of the reading room, readers are not allowed to choose their seat
  • When you order documents for the same day, you need to go and enquire at the counter whether they have arrived.
  • Normally documents are delivered 45 minutes after being ordered.
  • On Saturdays you cannot order documents, but you can consult original documents reserved before 3pm on Friday and any that you have renewed.

Access subject to conditions

Reservations need to be placed either the day before, or up to 2 weeks in advance. You can place a reservation from home or from a reading room. Certain documents have to be reserved if you wish to consult them: Documents that need to be "extracted" (prior request needed, but you cannot indicate a date), cartographic records (at Paris, phone to make an appointment), certain photographs, audiovisual records, works from the Archives Nationales library (only at Paris).
Documents reserved by 3pm are available the following morning, documents reserved after 3pm are available from 1pm the following afternoon, and documents for Saturday and for Monday morning must be reserved by 3pm on Friday.
Any documents you have reserved will be available for 7 consecutive days, or 21 consecutive days for "extracts".
La prolongation
Vous pouvez actuellement prolonger pendant 7 jours consécutifs : à Pierrefitte 10 articles, à Paris 3 articles ; la prolongation peut être renouvelée

Certain documents are not available for immediate consultation as their access is subject to specific procedures, in particular:

  • Original documents reserved in advance: 5 (if you are registered), 2 (if you have pre-registered or if your reader's ticket is no longer valid)
  • Original documents ordered the same day: 5
  •  "Extracts", particularly naturalisation records, as well as certain career records, reservation required, no quota applies.
  • Cartographic records, reservation required:  10
  • Photographs, reservation required: 5
  • Audiovisual records, reservation required: 5
  • Works from the Archives Nationales library (only in Paris), reservation required:5
  • Each day you can consult up to 10 original documents.

Renewing documents
You can renew 10 items for 11 consecutive days; you can repeat your renewal.

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