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The procedure by which the Archives Nationales acquires your documents differs, depending on whether the records come from a public entity (an administration or notarial practice) or a private entity (an association, family, or individual).
Association, family, and private archives.

Association, family, and private archives

Archives of private entities
The Archives Nationales can take in archives of private origin emanating from natural or legal persons to make them available to researchers. There are five ways to hand over private archives (gifts, bequests, purchases, gifts in lieu of tax, and deposits).

  • Gifts: We are allowed to receive gifts given by notorial deed under "an ordinary form of contract" (article 931 of the Civil Code), or else as individual donations by people materially handing over the archives in question.
  • Bequests: We can receive bequests from individuals. Bequests must be made in a testament, under one of the three forms recognised by the Civil Code (articles 969 ff.)
  • Purchases: : We can make purchases either directly from individuals or from booksellers and autograph dealers, and at public auctions.
  • Gifts in lieu of tax : This process allows an individual to pay certain taxes (inheritance tax, free donations inter vivo, and solidarity tax on wealth) by handing over archives of great historical value to the State (law of 31 December 1968 and decree of 10 November 1970).
  • Deposits :  We can receive private archives as a deposit, in which case ownership is not transferred. Deposit is by nature revocable, and it does not guarantee that documents will be conserved permanently, unlike the other modes of acquisition which transfer ownership to the State (to the Archives Nationales). Acquisitions by the Archives Nationales are subject to the prior approval of the SIAF/Service interministériel des archives de France (Inter-ministerial Service of the Archives of France).
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If you wish to entrust archives to the Archives Nationales, please contact the secretary's office: +33 (0)1 75 47 23 20