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How to find documents about a research topic ?

The Archives Nationales provides various online tools to help you identify documents you are searching for:
- search tips together with most of the search tools and databases are accessible for consultation directly via the online catalogue.
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Finding aids other than the online catalogue

The instruments of search listed below will be gradually integrated into the virtual Room of the inventories

  • Records held at the Paris site

Public records from the Ancien Régime, the Navy, and Foreign Affairs
Central Registrar for Paris Notaries
Various record groups (printed archive series AD, AE)

  • Records at the Pierrefitte-sur-Seine site

Public records 1789-1960, records of the presidents of the French Republic (up until 2012
Private record groups

  • Specific record groups (held on various sites depending upon the period)

Cartographic records
Various record groups (MI microfilms, MF microfiches and catalogues)

Databases other than the online catalogue

  • ARCADE :  information about works of art acquired by the State, 1800-1969 ;
  • ARCHIM : an array of digitised images of emblematic documents;
  • LEONORE : records about people awarded the Légion d'honneur, 1800-1976, some of which have been digitised;
  • PRIAM 3 : record groups transferred to the Fontainebleau site between 1970 and 2010.