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Hôtel de Soubise

The Archives Museum, designed by the director general of the Archives of the Empire, Léon de Laborde, opened in 1867 in the reception rooms of the Hôtel de Soubise: presenting a selection of over 1,800 documents to a curious public. The museum has two objectives: providing visitors with "a summary of events of the history of France" via the "written monuments of the motherland" (to use Laborde's words), and introducing visitors to how writing, media, and diplomatic conventions have changed over time. Successive alterations made it possible to expand the period covered (which had initially stopped with Napoleon I) whilst diminishing the number of items. In 1950 the museum was given new impetus when Régine Pernoud set up the first education service in France and organised the museum's first temporary exhibitions.

The permanent exhibition, which dated from the 19th century, was removed in 1995 as it did not meet public demand and placed the conservation of items at risk. A new and fully revised exhibition was gradually developed in certain rooms of the Hôtel de Soubise. It includes a presentation of the variety of forms and media used for records, the sometimes little-known resources that are conserved in the archives, major documents emblematic of the history of France that act as vessels for French national memory, as well as giving a glimpse of the work carried out by the Archives on a daily basis in classifying, boxing, and stocking records.
 Themed temporary exhibitions are regularly held to reveal the wealth of the record groups, with numerous original documents exploring a particular aspect of French history.


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