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The Archives Nationales, a civic-minded institution for France's collective history
The Archives Nationales was created by decree of the National Constituent Assembly in 1790. It has three sites (in Paris, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, and Fontainebleau) whose role is to collect, preserve, and provide access to documents produced by the central administrations of State since the 7th century.

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The Archives Nationales conserves archives from the central administrations of State, original deeds produced by Paris notaries, and private record groups of national interest.

The records are preserved and are available for access on three sites:

  • Pierrefitte-sur-Seine site: Public archives from the French Revolution to the present day, private record groups (all periods)
  • Paris site : site Public records from the Ancien Régime, original deeds produced by Paris notaries
    Specific public record groups (including naturalisation files since 1930, career records for civil servants, audiovisual and electronic records, private records of architects, and records relating to people awarded the Légion d'honneur)

The Archives Nationales reading rooms may be used by any adult with proof of identity.