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Film shoots

Press shoots

Archives Nationales
Service de la communication
59, rue Guynemer
93380 Pierrefitte-sur-Seine
Tel : +33 (0)1 75 47 23 89

Filming documentaries

Archives Nationales
Mission de la diffusion scientifique
59, rue Guynemer
93380 Pierrefitte-sur-Seine
Rates vary depending upon the services provided and the duration of the shoot
Sylvie Casgrain : sylvie.casgrain@culture.gouv.fr
Claire Béchu : claire.bechu@culture.gouv.fr

Shooting fiction films

Archives nationales
Département de l'Action Culturelle et Éducative
59, rue Guynemer - 93380 Pierrefitte-sur-Seine

Documents required
This request must be accompanied by the following supporting documentation:
- a letter of intent setting out the purpose of the shots and the nature of the project (feature film, short film, TV film, etc). )
- the downloadable form filled out in as much detail as possible
- a file containing information about the material and technical installations envisaged
- a synopsis or storyboard detailing the sequences or scenes envisaged for each set requested
- an insurance certificate (obligatory)

Minimum time frame for requests
It is recommended that you make a request as early as possible and at least one month in advance, given the constraints relating to public access, cultural programming, and the proper functioning of the institution.
For shoots lasting several days or requiring major technical installations, requests must be made at least three months ahead of the shoot.
Respecting these time frames in no way guarantees that a request will be accepted.

In addition to the standard rates set out in the table you can download here, you will be asked to pay Archives Nationales staff for the "sponsorship" hours spent surveying access and venues set aside for shoots.
- €33 per hour per staff member from 7am to midnight;
- €50.40 per hour per staff member from midnight to 7am.
Photo shoots

Photo shoots

Archives Nationales
Direction des publics
59, rue Guynemer- BP 90001 - 93383 Pierrefitte-sur-Seine cedex
Philippe Pucylo : philippe.pucylo@culture.gouv.fr