Logo des Archives nationales (France)

Missions and organisation

The Archives Nationales is a national public service created on 1 January 2007 by a decree issued by the Ministry of Culture dated 24 December 2006. Its mission is to collect, classify, inventory, conserve, restore, provide access to, and promote public archives from the central administrations of State, the archives of Paris notaries, and private record groups of national interest.
The decree of 29 February 2012 relating to the organisation of the national public service of the Archives nationales.

The Archives nationales is housed on three sites:

  • The Paris site: Public records from the Ancien Régime, original deeds produced by Paris notaries
  • The Pierrefitte-sur-Seine: Public archives from the French Revolution to the present day, private record groups (all periods)
  • Fontainebleau site:fonds publics spécifiques (dossiers de naturalisation ouverts depuis 1974, dossiers de carrière de fonctionnaires, dossiers de titulaires de la Légion d'honneur décédés avant 1977, etc.).


The Archives Nationales has four management divisions
The public management division, which oversees all issues relating to receiving and guiding the public:

- managing the reading rooms and library,
- providing guidance for readers,
- providing access to documents,
- educational and cultural activities, drawing on the Archives Nationales Museum, temporary exhibitions, and the Education Service,
- social media.

The record group management division which is in charge of collecting, sorting, studying, classifying, and calendaring the archives:
- developing search tools,
- organising and participating in conferences and study days,
- overseeing specific partnerships and relationships with specialised research centres (Labex),
- monitoring and controlling conservation operations (disinfection, restoration, repackaging, digitisation, and microfilming),
- participating in actions to receive and guide the public.

The research support management division in charge of interdisciplinary and prospective professional research projects:
- material, preventative, and curative conservation of the records,
- the Archives Nationales information system,
- running the electronic archiving project,
- promoting the electronic and audiovisual archives,
- updating web portals.

The administrative and financial management division in charge of:
- managing human resources,

- managing human resources,
- managing the budget and accounts,
- legal affairs and public tenders,
- logistics, security, safety, and buildings management.

The institution's management comprises the following:

The communication department, which defines and implements the internal, external and patronage communication policy of the Archives Nationales. It promotes the scientific, cultural and educational activities of the institution through press relations, public relations, partnerships and patronage.

The scientific partnerships and international relations service, which represents the Archives Nationales to higher education institutions and research organisations, sets up and coordinates projects carried out with them, and promotes professional expertise in university training and international cooperation.

The scientific dissemination service, which ensures the editorial monitoring of Archives Nationales publications, the management of loans of documents to external exhibitions, the management of scientific documentary filming, the coordination of symposia and study days and the monitoring of partnerships for lecture cycles or editorial participation.