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Permanent exhibition

Le parcours permanent du musée à ParisThe permanent exhibition at the Archives Nationales Museum presents documents taken from the holdings of the Archives Nationales. The exhibition on the first floor of the Hôtel de Soubise explores the history of the archives.
Some of the great documents of French history are on display in the reception rooms, such as the Edict of Nantes and the final letter written by Marie Antoinette. The display cabinets in blackened wood with bronze fittings were specially designed for the opening of the museum in 1867.
The Salle du dais recreates the working environment of an archivist, and includes the Louis XV style desk where Jules Michelet worked. The Salle Empire presents the sorts of containers and packaging used by the archives from the Middle Ages through to the 20th century.
The antechamber on the ground floor has a new selection of originals and facsimiles (of sketches, cartographic records, and still and moving images) that are representative of the chronological and typological variety of records held at the Archives Nationales. These documents are illustrative of how forms of writing and media have evolved over time, in both public and the private records.
The audiovisual room presents films and 3D modules about how documents were produced.

When a temporary exhibitions is on (only for exhibitions held on the first floor of the museum)
Full price: €3
Concession: €2
When no temporary exhibition is on
Full price: €8
Concession: €5
Concessions and free admission on presentation of supporting documentation
Free on the first Sunday of every month

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