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Copying and reuse

It is possible to copy a document on site when consulting it, or to ask for a copy without coming to the Archives Nationales.

Copying on site (in the reading room)
Readers can photograph documents they consult (flash photography not allowed), except documents subject to clearance or authorisation, for which a specific request to copy must be submitted.
They can also request a photocopy of documents in suitable material condition.

Requests for copies must be placed using the form in the online catalogue.
Copies will only be made when the right reference number is provided.
The Archives Nationales no longer make selections of documents to be copied due to an increased number of requests, the complexity of the task, and the low proportion of quotes accepted. The exception to this is easily identifiable files bearing a name (staff records, naturalisation records, and administrative and judicial requests, on presentation of supporting documentation).
This takes several months due to the very large number of requests.
Copies are only made once payment has been received.
The copy made by the Archives Nationales may be a photocopy, photo, or scan. Microfilms can also be provided.
Documents available for consultation as microfilm are only copied as microfilm.
Documents available online are not copied. They may be downloaded from readers' personal workstations.
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Regulations: reuse of public data
The rights of reuse of "public information" contained in documents produced or received by the Archives Nationales are subject to the principle of free access
Further information
Anyone making such a request must also check that any images are not subject to copyright.
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